Michael Rose

Journalism Training and Communications Consultancies

Interpol Sri Lanka Maldives
Rose takes questions at conference, Netherlands On assignment in Sri Lanka for Interpol In Maldives after the tsunami disaster (far left)

In addition to his many years of work as a news journalist and foreign corespondent, Michael Rose has developed a strong reputation as a trainer of reporters, particularly in the developing world. He has worked as a trainer in post-conflict journalism in places like Nigeria, Sierra Leone and East Timor and, most recently, investigative journalism in Thailand. Those training workshops were organized for various non-government organizations like the Reuters Foundation, Conciliation Resources and Internews.

"Journalism has given me a great deal over the years, a rich variety of experience that launched my career as a writer," Rose says. "I feel that when I can give something back to the profession and to those who work as journalists in dangerous or difficult circumstances, then it is my duty, and my privilege, to do so.

Rose has also carried out media training and communications consultancy work for senior officials in organizations like the New South Wales Refugee Review Tribunal and the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission.

He is also developing a select list of private clients in the corporate sector for communications advisory services, strategic planning, crisis management and speechwriting. Rose also makes himself available for speaking engagements, library and bookstore readings and other literary events.

East Timor Nigeria
With a Reuters Foundation colleague in rural East Timor Rose training local reporters in Abuja, Nigeria
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